We believe that design is about crafting simple solutions to complex problems. At Double Top you can rely on our design team to craft compelling designs that speak to the needs of users and their problems, their desires, and their needs. Our designers are focused on user experience and empathy–not creating the most visually appealing design for our Dribbble or Behance portfolio.

Who Are We Designing For?

By focusing on your user and their goals and objectives we make it easier to meet our owns needs. Selfish empathy is baked into our design process and starts with an understanding of your organizations goals and objectives, the conversion path you’d like your user to follow, or the interactions that make-or-break your user experience.

All About The User

User research is at the core of our design process. Before we sketch, scribble or draw anything our creative team collaborates with our research team to develop buyer personas and customer profiles. To ensure constant user feedback through every step of the design process we use an agile prototyping process that progresses from mockups to clickable prototypes and animations before we write any code.

Design Around Copy

Designs communicate our core message visually, but before we design we write our copy. If we’re building a landing page, assets for a demand generation campaign, or creative for retargeting—we always start with messaging and copy first. Visual treatments should be compliment and reinforce the messaging of our copy. That’s why our design team and copywriters work together to come to alignment on art direction and creative designs that strengthen and support each other.

Data Driven Design

The best design is easily determined with objective measures—conversions, engagement, and goal completions tell the story behind the story of all our designs. But we don’t get mired down in analytics. We understand that telling your brand’s story in an authentic way leads to the best quantitive results.

Multi-Platform Design

More than half of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device. That’s why all of our designs will scale to fit the device your users prefer. We use responsive, adaptive, and mobile first design principles to craft flexible layouts that meet the needs of your users—and help you accomplish your goals and objectives.